We have designed a series of best-in-class programmes to deal with the most pressing strategic challenges facing modern media and marketing businesses. They include investigative insight into your business needs, audience and customer research, analytics and market insight, and facilitated workshops to involve and inspire your teams to deliver transformation and growth.

Each programme is built up from a series of modules which can be tailored to your specific needs to ensure that it delivers value for your organisation.


Smarter listening

This programme puts your audience and customers at the heart of your product and business strategy. By understanding their needs in depth you can create engaging and trusted content which people will pay to access, and deep audience insight and connections with which advertisers can engage. Smarter Listening powers up your product development and premium/paid content strategies, delivers a framework for tracking changing audience needs over time, and provides measurable proof of effectiveness.


path finder

Modern media and marketing businesses are complex beasts - with multiple products, formats and business models operating at different margins, and with varying degrees of sustainability. Which often means overall business valuation and strategic decision-making becomes more of an art than a science. Our methodology is based on analysis of real-world transactions. It allows you to pinpoint exactly where the value in your business lies - and where to stop, start or scale in order to maximise enterprise value in the future.


sharper strategies

Our programme combines expert financial and market analysis with audience and customer insight, and a series of practical workshop sessions. By involving your key team members throughout, the programme empowers and motivates them to create practical plans and ideas that succeed.