Unlocking value creation for media-owners and marketers

It’s great to work with a partner that feels like part of the team, going beyond the original requirements to deliver real value.
— Tom D.

Red River Blue delivers expert insight and practical solutions for customer engagement, business transformation and growth.


We look at things differently - through the eyes of your audience and customers.

We help you to develop your business and brand strategy, your content and your people so that you can engage more effectively with your chosen audiences and deliver growth.

We also help you to plan and validate product launches and innovation, evaluate acquisitions, and ultimately to maximise value on exit.


smarter listening

We believe that the key to producing great content is Smarter Listening. If you know what your audience wants, you can create valued and trusted information that engages their interest and delivers results.


Sharper strategies

Turning ideas and insight into practical business plans can be challenging - especially when it involves change. Our strategy planning process empowers your team to create strategies that succeed.


path finder

Our methodology helps you to pinpoint where the current and future value lies in your business and product portfolio - and what you need to stop, start or accelerate in order to maximise that value.

A clear and insightful strategy development process... delivering a meaningful difference to our business.
— John P.

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Some of the clients our people have worked with

Red River Blue provided critical experience and insight ... all contributing to this very important commercial success.
— Richard K.

No two organisations are the same, so we take the time to get to know your business and understand the specific challenges you face.


We bring imagination and creativity to bear on those issues and engage directly with your team to build trust and create positive change.

Above all we are focused on delivering value. We want our insights to produce tangible benefits - so our service doesn't just end with advice. We bring fresh energy and perspective to your business by helping you to implement practical plans and solutions.

Our teams now have a much clearer plan for digital content, and our subscribers have responded positively.
— Helen S.


REsearch and insight

We conduct a 'brand-neutral' investigation into the needs, attitudes and drivers of your audience, your clients (and potential clients) to inform your strategy and product development plans.

Financial and market analysis

We analyse the performance of your brands, products and services within their market context. We highlight opportunities and uncover the areas where you need to 'stop, start or accelerate' to deliver growth and maximise value. 



workshops and team development

We involve your team from the outset: understanding their views and challenges; building consensus; and facilitating innovation and strategy development through workshops and change programmes. We then provide ongoing support on execution of development plans.


Our roots are in the media, marketing and communications industries and we bring a unique blend of commercial, financial, and content expertise to your business challenges. 


Red River Blue was set up in 2010.  We work with media owners, marketing services firms, membership organisations, and brand-owners. In short, with anyone who produces and delivers content to engage an audience.

Our people have decades of experience in all kinds of content-based businesses - from print to digital, live events, customer publishing, and research and insight. Having built, acquired and run businesses, we understand management, ownership and exit issues too.