Some of the assignments our people have worked on recently include:


STrategy and teamwork

A business needed to integrate a recent acquisition with a different culture, product and skill set, and to unite the combined management team around a vision and strategy. Through a series of in-depth interviews with key stakeholders and team workshops we were able to help them identify and overcome obstacles to success, pinpoint major strategic opportunities for growth and ensure that team members were aligned, focused and empowered. We advised on new governance and team working structures, and on the execution and delivery of key workstreams to ensure the strategy was successfully delivered.

Premium content development

A media-owner wanted to diversify its revenues and reduce its reliance on advertising income by building a premium content product which would deliver high value subscriptions. We helped them to segment their audience base into relevant personas, and used research and analytics to identify the most pressing information needs and the value proposition. We advised on the product concept, brand and marketing strategy in order to ensure a successful launch.

value creation

This client's complex business spanned multiple brands, products and revenue types across media, events, marketing services and technology solutions. Each area had its own challenges and opportunities and the client was uncertain where best to apply investment and focus to maximise enterprise value. Using our PathFinder methodology and applying principles derived from our research into value creation across multiple businesses in the sector we were able to provide the clarity and insight the client needed in order to energise the team around a new strategy, and take the key decisions necessary to drive value creation.

digital strategy–Consumer media

This media-owner had ten print titles with a strong subs base but limited web presence. We ran strategic workshops, conducted research, helped design a content and social strategy, and supported marketing of new digital editions. The social content drove new readers, the email database grew, and the web template was rolled out to other titles in the portfolio. They have since launched an e-commerce business in their specialist field. 

Creating a registration wall for a b2b publisher

An established niche publisher wanted to develop a registration wall (and ultimately a paid digital subscription proposition). We ran a series of workshops for their editorial and marketing teams to examine what content would justify registration. They successfully tested the new registration wall, and in the first month the level of new email sign ups exceeded the total figures from the previous 12 months combined.

Growth Strategy for specialist PR agency

Advised a niche London PR agency on growth opportunities, with a focus on new developing markets, the appointment of a Managing Director, controlled capital investment and the introduction of a staff incentive scheme.  This led to fee income tripling and profit increasing five-fold over a five year period.

B2B data product development

A successful B2B information provider was facing structural changes to its business model and wanted to look 10 years ahead at the best options for development. Our research showed that their print products were becoming less useful for advertisers and response to digital was also weaker than expected. Further investigation revealed two critical areas where the audience would pay for well-researched data products. An investment has now been made in launching these new services.

B2C restructuring and strategy roll-out

A medium-size B2C publisher was experiencing a sudden drop in advertising and subscription revenues. An internal review process had set a future strategic direction for the business, but the management were uncertain about the company’s ability to make the rapid changes required. Our consultant was brought in to manage the changes and the process, to a strict timetable. Deadlines were met and the company is now progressing successfully with its new vision.

Acquisition search for a niche B2B publisher

A small independent publisher was looking for an acquisition under £1m turnover with very specific requirements.  We researched a long list of over 50 businesses, and then provided detailed profiles on a shortlist.  The acquirer selected a small number for direct anonymous approaches.  They are now in discussions with their preferred candidate.

Investment analysis

We assisted a private investor in four successful acquisitions in the UK, US and Germany, providing detailed analysis of the opportunities and supporting the negotiations with the principals throughout the process.

Brexit Planning

We developed practical solutions for a UK publisher to facilitate movement of in-demand goods across the EU border after Brexit; leading to material discussions with potential trading partners in the UK, and in Germany and Holland.

Technology review

Conducted a root and branch IT review for a specialist publisher, identifying new business needs for which a completely new ERP is being developed. This will deliver improvements to outmoded operational and reporting procedures, and enhanced access to data for the management team, with accompanying commercial benefits.

Heritage Lottery Fund – Successful Application

We were asked by a charity to advise on the content and preparation of a new business plan which would support a substantial redevelopment project.  This plan formed the basis of a successful application to the Heritage Lottery fund for a seven figure funding grant.

Disposal of specialist consumer titles

A consumer publisher had identified a number of brands for disposal. We wrote a tailored information memorandum for each, created a list of prospective buyers and handled the initial introductions. The client received some credible offers and transactions are now in progress.